ATMC-3100 Advanced Traffic Management Computer

$7,149 USD

The ATMC-3100 Advanced Traffic Management Computer is a dedicated system for the transportation industry. It features a large quantity of optical isolated digital inputs to conneciton to in ground loop detectors as well as optical isloated digital open collector outputs terminated into a Transportation standard 104-pin connector. It also includes a full camera control interface for pan and tilt for AC driven mounts as well as DC control for zoom and focus. It is fully isolated to 5000V in the event of a lightning strike. All axis of momvement have position feedback as well. This is an x86 based system running the QNX Operating System.

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The Model ATMC-3100 is an expandable, flexible, microprocessor based traffic controller, which will run application software developed for x86 compatible microprocessors. The unit ships with QNX 6.3 support but can also run Linux, Microsoft WindowsCE, Windows XP or embedded XP.

  • AMD Geode LX800 CPU at 433MHz, 256 KB cache, 256MB DRAM
  • Two RS-232 Serial Ports With Hardware Flow Control (16550 Compatible)
  • Four USB 2.0 Ports
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Real Time Clock (Battery Backed)
  • VGA Video (QNX Standard VGA Driver Support)
  • 48 Lines TTL Digital Inputs Optically Isolated to 3000V RMS
  • 24 Lines Open Collector Outputs 60V Optically Isolated to 3000V RMS
  • Camera Control Interface Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus Isolated to 5000V RMS
  • Cameral Control Feedback, Four 12-bit A/D Inputs +- 10V Isolated to 5000V RMS + 2500 on the Analog Front End
  • QNX Version 6.3 Real Time Operating System

CPU Slot 1 4x PCIe x1 One Lane Per Expansion Slot
4x USB ONe Lane Per Expansion Slot
LPC Bussed For All Slots
SMB Bussed For All Slots
4x SATA One Lane Per Expansion Slot 200 Module Defined I/O Routed To Janus Connector Module
Expansion Slots 2 to 5 PCIe x1 From Host CPU Slot
USB From Host CPU Slot
SATA From Host CPU Slot
LPC From Host CPU Slot
SMB From Host CPU Slot
100 Lines of Module I/O Routed to Janus Connector Module
Data Sheet ATMC3100.pdf
User Manual ATMC3100_Manual.pdf
Drawings ATMC3100_Drawings.pdf