EN01 - RDDU 5-Slot Enclosure

$795 USD Estimated

The EN01 is a 5-Slot enclosure for the RDDU platform. It consists of the mechanical enclosure with a 5-slot backplane. The backplane has 1 CPU slot that routes 200 lines of I/O to the Janus Module and services each Expansion slot with PCIe, USB, LPC, SATA and SMB. Each Expansion slot also can provide up to 100 lines of module defined I/O to the Janus Connector Module. The nature of the enclosure is such that it is thermally bonded to the slot cards to provide an integrated thermal solution.

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The EN01 is the framework of the RDDU Platform. It houses the backplane and provides the mechanical structure to the platform. It is also an integral part of the cooling soluion as the structure that conductively cools each individual slot card.

CPU Slot 1 4x PCIe x1 (One Lane Per Expansion Slot)
4x USB (One Lane Per Expansion Slot)
LPC Bussed For All Slots
SMB Bussed For All Slots
4x SATA (One Lane Per Expansion Slot)
200 Module Defined I/O Routed To Janus Connector Module
Expansion Slots 2 to 5 PCIe x1 From Host CPU Slot
USB From Host CPU Slot
SATA From Host CPU Slot
LPC From Host CPU Slot
SMB From Host CPU Slot
100 Lines of Module I/O Routed to Janus Connector Module
Data Sheet EN01_v1.0.pdf
User Manual EN01_User_Manual.pdf
Backplane Mapping Backplane_Drawing_EN01_V1.0.pdf