EX03 - mPCIe Carrier With GPS/HPGPS

$995 USD Estimated

The EX03 Expansion Module provides additional functionality by allowing the easy in- tegration of off-the-shelf mPCIe modules such as CAN Bus, WiFi, GPS and HP-GPS. By utilizing a PCIe swidge, two full mPCIe, one USB Only mPCIe and an HP-GPS interface are availble on the EX03.

Download Data Sheet

The EX03 provides 3 expansion sites for Mini PCIe cards. 2 sites are full PCIe and USB capable with the third site USB only. Each mPCIe site has 15-lines of user defined I/O routed to the Janus Connector Module. Additionally a Trimble GPS module is included onboard with the ability to add a Novatel HPGPS module for high precision position requirements.

  • 3x mini PCIe Sites
  • Trimble GPS Module
  • Novatel HPGPS Mezzaine Site

Host Interface 1x PCIe
Module to Janus Connector Module I/O 45x User Defined I/O (15 From Each Mini PCIe site)
Top I/O RF Connectors For GPS
Data Sheet EX03_v1.0.pdf
User Manual EX03_User_Manual.pdf
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