JM01 - Janus Connector Module

$1,295 USD Estimated

The JM01 Janus Connector Module is the first implementation of a full featured I/O system for a data logger application. It brings out a mulitude of I/O in rugged circular connectors. The module provides the required signal conditioning for the various signals originating from the CPU or Expansion slots. The JM01 is also prepared for an optional addon of a POE power supply add-on for the 4 Ethernet Switch ports.

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The JM01 provides I/O from a 5-slot system specifically broken out for a data logging application. Variations of this design is easily accomplished to facilitate different I/O options, connector types and arrangements.

    I/O Connector Arrangment
  • Dual CANbus From Slot 4 (EX03 Module)
  • DVI Display x2 With Dedicated USB For each Connector (From R1 CPU)
  • Dual Ethernet 10/100 and USB (From R1 CPU)
  • 4 Digital Input & 4 Relay Outputs with 2 1-Wire Interfaces (From EX01 Slot 2)
  • 3x Dual COM Connector (From EX02 Slot 3)
  • 4x M12 Ethernet Connectors POE Ready Ethernet Connectors (From EX04 Slot 5)
  • 2x TNC RF Connectors For Cabled Use
  • Power Button
  • Mobile DC Power Input

Matched Backplane System Configuration Slot 1: R1 CPU
Slot 2: EX01 DIO Expansion Module
Slot 3: EX02 Multiport Serial Expansion Module
Slot 4: EX03 mPCIe + GPS Carrier Expansion Module
Slot 5: EX04 5-Port GigE Switch Expansion Module
CANBus Connector 1x PT02E14-12S
Display Connector 2x PT02E16-26S
Ethernet USB 1x PT02E14-18S
DIO Connector 1x 1x PT02E14-19S
COM Connector 1x PT02E14-15S
2x PT02E12-14S
POE Ethernet Switch Connectors 4x M12
RF Connector 2x TNC
Power Connector 1x Brad Mini-Change
Data Sheet JM01_v1.0.pdf
User Manual JM01_User_Manual.pdf
Connector Pinouts Connector_Drawing_JM01_V1.0.pdf