PM01 - Mobile DC Power Supply With UPS

$1,295 USD Estimated

The PM01 is a completely encapsulated DC Input Power Supply for the RDDU platform. The PM01 also includes a Supercapacitor based UPS. Along with transient protection, this power supply will keep the system up and running uninterrupted when power is subject to transient brown outs or short term power failures.

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The PM01 takes vehicle DC power input along with ignition sense and converts it to useable power for the RDDU Platform. Integrated into the power supply is a Supercapacitor UPS that will hold up the system and any connected RDDU monitors for up to 3 minutes. This guards against power flucuations or short term outages. The PM01 is also forms the end cap for the RDDU enclosure. It is modular and easily replaceable.

  • Built In Supercapacitor UPS
  • 9V to 36V DC Input With Ingnition Sense
  • Fully Instrumented and Intelligent Power Supply
  • USB Serial Communication for Management and Monitoring

Feature Heading Details
Feature Heading Details
Feature Heading Details
Data Sheet PM01_v1.0.pdf
User Manual PM01_User_Manual.pdf
Connector Pinouts Connector_Drawing_PM01_V1.0.pdf