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    Common Open Platform

We used our own service to create this product. Thinking Inside The Box Check out our process how you can do the same.

Tracan is incredibly especially extremely agile to create amazing products.

The System

Solid Construciton

Rugged for any demanding applicaiton


Expandable and Configurable

High Performance

Most Current CPU Technology Used

Long Life Cycle

Modular approach allows easy migration/upgrades

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Easy to Service

All modules easily accessible for quick field replacement

Reduce Cost

We follow the "FORCE" principal. Focus on reducing costs everywhere.

Perfect Fit Technology

We give you exactly what you need.

and more...

Utilizing Wedge-locks, we both secure the individual modules in high shock and vibration environments but we also guarantee the thermal interface to the exterior of the chassis such that the heat flows properly from the module frames to the chassis for maximum thermal efficiency.
Each module is fully encapsulated in its own thermal aluminum enclosure. These are precision milled to allow direct contact to all the different heat producing components. This also provides an additional level of shock & vibration ruggedization as well as a EMI sheild. You get all these benefits while still being an easily field replaceable module.
Tracan is always looking to improve both product and organizational innovation. We understand the complexities of modern designs and our ability to respond to new opportunities is in continuous evaluation at every level within the organization.