Electronic Design

Electronic Design

Utilizing our building block approach. We cut and paste out of previous proven designs to realize new ones. This allows us to drastically cut down the engineering effort while also reducing design risk, engineering cost and time to market. Win-Win-Win

Some Of Our Blocks


Support for a wide range of SOM's and COM's

Power Supplies

Many unique environments, high effiency designs

GPS / Cellular

Mobile applicaitons , low power


Wifi, Bluetooth, Wireless Mesh, Zigbee


Many standards and topologies


Designs for a wide range of displays

Serial I/O

RS-232/422/485, CAN and Others

Industrial I/O

A/D, D/A, Digital I/O, Isolated High Voltage

and more...

When doing base board designs, it is imperative that all the software hooks are available to the application to utilize the on-board functionality. We guarantee our designs will have all the resources available to the application layer. Your developers can spend their time on what they do best, your application and not low level driver development. Experience with Windows XP/7/Embedded, WinCE, Linux and QNX.
Utilizing FPGA and CPLD technology, we can stuff many functions in one device thus reducing size, power & cost of the design. Designing with FPGA’s also allows us to create consistent API’s for developers in convenient programming structures further making your application development easier. Tracan has dozens of developed IP blocks ready to be dropped into any application.
We have a variety of microcontroller designs typically used as intelliget subsystems to larger designs. This can be for power supply control or environmental monitoring or even an intelligent CANbus system to offload the host CPU.

Development Environment

We utilize some of the most advanced development platforms available for Schematic Capture, PCB Layouts, FPGA, Microcontroller and GUI designs.

  • Altium Designer is used for our PCB and Schematic Capture. Tracan is able to design PCB's in excess of 15 layers. Including difficult high speed routing required by today's serial bus infastructures and DDR Memory arrays.
  • All designs are version controlled in our Subversion Content Management System
  • Projects are all tracked to milestones with issue tracking as well as progress reports using project management software. Specific customer access can be granted on a project to project basis to facilitate additional communication and collaboration.