Tracan is incredibly especially extremely agile to create complete solutions.

How We Differentiate

Customer Support

We're technical. We speak your language.

Short Time To Market

Building Blocks turns designs into weeks not months.

250+ Building Blocks

Low Risk, Pre-proven. Quick.

Reduce Risk

Known designs reduce risk and saves time.

Worldwide Manufacturers

Best-in-class product, best price performance.

Reduce Cost

We follow the "FORCE" principal. Focus on reducing costs everywhere.

Perfect Fit Technology

We give you exactly what you need.


3D Renders to see your product before production.

and more...

With over 40 years in business we have established and continue to build expertise in Embedded Technologies and how they apply to a wide range of industrial market
We are driven by customer requirements. We solve problems and needs. Our success is measured by the successful outcomes of our customers and the quality of the products we develop.
Tracan is always looking to improve both product and organizational innovation. We understand the complexities of modern designs and our ability to respond to new opportunities is in continuous evaluation at every level within the organization.

Choose product from extraordinary worldwide Manufacturers

We have standard COTS products in variety of different embedded formats.

We're excited about Our Services

Over 400,000 Engineering Hours Saved Using Our Pre-Proven Building Block Approach.