Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

We can design enclosures for our electronic designs. This can be as Bent or Stamped metal, diecast or milled or as injection molding. We will design using the right methology for the application as well as the business case. Don't pre-decide on a method as we may surprise with with what is possible for far less than you envisioned. All of our designs also include thermal design elements making sure that we are engineering for the required operating environment.

Our Features

Perfect Fit

All Components 3D Solid Modeled for accurate fit. Electrical Designers Work Beside Mechanical Designs For Innovative Collaboration

Passive Thermal Design

Important For Fanless Designs And Extended Temp. We Will Get The Most Out Of Our Designs Even Incorporating Additional Passive Thermal Technologies Where Required

Rugged Designs

Often Meant For Harsh Safty Critical Environments Found in Oil & Gas, Mining and Transportation Markets. We Will Design To Various Certification Requirements Such As Class 1 Division II


Our Designs Follow Best Practices For Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Susceptability. Resulting In Fewer Problems In The Reglulatory Approval Process


Used in lower cost, typically lower volume designs. A variety of innovative designs use this method while still incorporating thermal principals to make them fanless
Used to make our most rugged enclosures with integrated thermal designs. Milled typically follows the high mix low volume route with incresed cost over diecast. Diecast requires upfront investment in tooling but will yield a very low cost production price while maintaining all the rugged mechanical attributes required.
Typically used when low cost and higher volume (100 or more) is required. Offers the most choice for astetic design and wide range of materials and colors.

Design Tools

We use a number of industry standard environments for our mechanical design. This leads to greater interoperability and a cohesive development environment. We can seemlessly move mechanical elements between electrical design to mechanical design to final photo-realistic rendering without loss of data fidelity.

  • Dassults Systems Solidworks is utilized for our our mechanical 3D solid models. We can easily import 3D models and export electrical elements with our Altium Designer ECAD system.
  • The Foundry Modo is our surface modeler and photo-realistic rendering environment. This high end package is used in product visualization.