Rugged Datalogger

iCLX200R - Rugged Industrial Computer System for Extreme Environments

Project Description

The iCLX is an environmentally sealed datalogger with internal shock and vibration isolation. The design also incorporates a high performance UPS power supply designed specifically for vehicle integration.

The iCLX operates in a wide ambient temperature range of -40 to +60°C. The unique design of the chassis integrates internal heat sink grooves and an interior heat spreader to effectively dissipate heat away from the system.

By incorporating two Solid State Devices, the Operating System and applications can operate from one Compact Flash while data is stored on the other. This has many advantages including a simplified ability to utilize the write protection features of XP Embedded and Linux. The iCLX supports Windows XP Pro/XP Embedded, Linux, and QNX.

The iCLX has been designed with internal shock and vibration isolation. This level of protection is more than adequate for most applications. However, if additional protection is required a custom shock and vibration mounting plate is available.

The unique features and specifications of the iCLX make it ideal for applications in heavy mining equipment, oil and gas, military vehicles, buses, trains, aircraft, or other industrial environments. In addition to our standard product we can customize or expand the iCLX to better suit your needs

  • Building Blocks:

    • Vehcile I/O
    • GPS
    • Middleware Development
    • COTS Integration
  • Industry:

    Oil & Gas / Mining