Survey Kit

Portable Site Survey Kit

  • January 2013
  • Solution

Project Description

Customer required a ZigBee site survey kit to determine where to place remote nodes by an installer. We created this ARM based system utilizing a system on module with a baseboard that incorporated the ZigBee and integrated charge controller for a NiMH battery. As well we incorporated the 4.3" LCD Display with control buttons. The enclosure is an injection molded design while the rest of the mechanicals were COTS product.

This project only had a limited quantity requirement of 100 systems but was still cost effective to utilize plastic injection molding with customized electronics. Very much fits into our expectations of high mix, low volume.

  • Building Blocks:

    • ARM SOM
    • ZigBee
    • LCD Support
    • NiMH Battery Control
    • Injection Molding
  • Industry:

    Access Control